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Berlin Economic Forum 2015

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Berlin Economic Forum 2015
« : Ianuarie 06, 2015, 18:45:33 »
"Creative Economies, Sustainable Tourism & Foreign Investments"
Held Parallel to the Berlin International Tourism Trade Fair (ITB)
(International Conference, Berlin; March 4th - 7th, 2015)

The Berlin Economic Forum is the world’s leading global conference combining the fields of International Economics and Relations, Nation Branding and Cultural Diplomacy with an interdisciplinary and multinational program. The inauguration of the event took place in November 2014 in Berlin and is a part of a series of a 10 year program of projects and initiatives, which aim to further promote sustainable economies worldwide.

The onset of the 2008 global financial crisis together with the growing economic influence of the process of globalization has prompted the emergence of creative economies, and sustainable tourism, while further developing a new agenda for socially responsible foreign investments in both industrialized and developing countries. Promising to generate sustainable economic growth through the creation of jobs and the innovation of trade, creative industries, sustainable tourism and socially responsible foreign investments can simultaneously occupy a central role in promoting and maintaining economic equalities, cultural diversity, social inclusion and environmental sustainability. The effects are thus two-fold, delivering both sustainable economic and socio-cultural benefits.

Conference Agenda

The Forum will take place over 4 days in Berlin parallel to the Berlin International Tourism Trade Fair (ITB). The Forum aims to analyze global trends in creative economies whilst exploring the potential for sustainable tourism and foreign investment to be used as drivers of sustainable economic growth. The congress will also emphasize the role of cultural diplomacy in the fields of corporate social responsibility, economic bridges, global governance and nation branding with an international outlook. The vision of the conference is to bring an interdisciplinary mixture of representatives from the public sector, private sector and civil society as well as practitioners of Cultural Diplomacy in order to prepare an agenda for after the conclusion of the conference, which will initiate programs and projects that will support sustainable economic growth at the national and international levels.

Conference Participants

Participation in the conference is open to governmental & diplomatic officials, academics, artists, journalists, civil society practitioners, private sector representatives, young professionals and students as well as other interested individuals from across the world.

Certificate of Attendance - Conference participants will be awarded an official certificate of attendance upon completion of the program, which will provide details of the speakers who took part and the topics discussed. Each certificate will be signed by members of the Conference Committee.

Conference Location

Based in Berlin, the conference will be hosted at the ICD House of Arts and Culture ».

Conference Speakers & Delegates

Speakers & Delegates during the conference will include among others leading politicians and economists, senior diplomats, leading governmental officials, senior academics, renowned authors, journalists, and representatives from the private sector. These speakers will include a large number of individuals from the ICD Advisory Board. To learn more about the ICD Advisory Board, please click here.

Participant Papers

The Conference Committee encourages academic research and analysis of issues related to the goals of the Conference. The Conference Committee would therefore like to welcome the participants of the conference to submit a paper they would like to be considered for presentation at the conference as well as being included in the proposal document that will be issued following the conference and will be sent to all governments and leaders of the international community worldwide.

To apply to the program, please submit the online application form, found  under:
The participation cost is of 345 Euros/ Person
The participation fee includes few meals throughout the conference, light refreshment, coffee, tea and water throughout the day.
The fees do not include travel and accommodation or any other related cost.

For further information please visit the link bellow:

or contact us at: